April 13, 2020..... mood: chill

waddup! i dont actually feel too bad rn so i decided to write a post cuz its been a while. not much is new, havent left the house in 4 weeks lOlololol im going cray-cray. even though i have all this free time, im not doing my ap art or anything productive, cant find the motivation but who cares??? the apocalypse is now baby! anyways, here is sum 'important info'... i realized i never mentioned this on my blog AT ALL. I have numerous other sites on neocities because I need to make them as communication technology projects. but my on here was which I made 2018 :O!! i dont update it much anymore but still try to maintain it. i made planetsarah because my mom knew about trashparadise, and i didnt feel comfy sharing all my on there. likewise, i wanted to change my sites aesthetic but wanted to keep trashparadise as a memory of when i first started and didnt want to change anything. its really sad; 2 years on html and css practice and ive hardly improved. i even have the same layout LMAOOo tragic. ik no one actually cares but meh, thought i should share. was looking at i got rlly nostalgic. life was so much happier and simpler when i first made that blog and